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Retail • Hospitality • Graphic Design

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Performed design or planning work on all projects.
Asterisks indicate level of management responsibility.
Project Manager *
Principal in Charge **
Principal in Charge & Project Manager ***


Stone & Thomas Department Store

Hunterlab Reception
NOAA Cafeteria Entrance

Retail Projects    
  Crown Books Prototype & Stores, National ***
Hurdy Gurdy International, Store Prototype *
Jumpstreet Children's Shoe Store *
R. Harris Jewelry Store *
Shoppers Food Warehouse Graphics, Washington area **
Stone & Thomas Department Stores, Ona, WV ***
Stone & Thomas Department Stores, Huntington, WV ***
Stone & Thomas Department Stores, Charleston, WV ***
Stone & Thomas Department Stores, Bluefield, WV ***
Super Crown Prototype & Stores, Washington area ***
Super Trak Auto Prototype & Stores, National ***
Trak Auto Prototype & Stores, National *
Hospitality Projects
  Fairfax Family Court, Cafeteria *
Food service facility renderings for Marriott Corporation
Hotel renderings for Kay Mangasarian Designs
New Hampshire Suites Hotel presentation renderings
NOAA, SSMC III Cafeteria ***
NOAA, SSMC IV Cafe ***
Reunions Restaurant Prototype *
Wintergreen Resort

  Graphic Design

Alexandria City Hall
Hurdy-Gurdy Ice Cream Package

Ensycon Portable Housing Animation

Alexandria City Hall Signage System *
American Bank of Maryland Corporate Identity Program
Crown Books, Marketing Materials ***
Ensycon International, Marketing Materials
Gallery Mall, Philadelphia, Signing & Graphics
Greensgate Mall, Houston, Site Identity Signing
Hurdy-Gurdy International, Packaging & Promotional Materials *
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions Signing & Logo
National Institutes of Health Signing System
Signage & Graphics for Crown Books, Trak Auto & Dart Drug ***
Tyson's Galleria Mall Exterior Promotional Rendering
U.S. Army Materiel Command Signing System, Fort Belvoir, VA
U.S. Army Signage Technical Manual, TM 5-807-10 *
Worldpak, Inc., Logo and Stationary ***
Multimedia Design • VR Photography

Alexandria, Virginia, Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk *
Iverson Mall, Club Iverson Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk *
Ensycon International, 3D Folding Structure Marketing Animation *

World Wide Panorama


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