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  VR Lisbon, Portugal 2006
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  The fourth annual VR Photography Summit was scheduled for October 9 through 12 in Lisbon, Portugal. Having attended the three previous summits I was looking forward to the first one outside of the US. Unfortunately, sponsors withdrew from the event at the last minute and the summit was cancelled. Since, all my reservations were made and much was not refundable I went to Lisbon and held a summit of one. I stayed in the planned summit hotel and used it as a base for panoramic photography. Following are five galleries that group the panoramas by subject.  
  Lisbon Portugal QTVR
Around Lisbon
Castelo de São Jorge QTVR
Castelo de São Jorge
Belém Portugal QTVR
  Sintra Portugal QTVR
Parque de Nacos, Lisbon QTVR
Parque das Nações
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