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  An eclectic mix of teapots including decorative and utilitarian. All teapots are functional except the glass sculpture which is hollow but not suitable for hot liquids. The "Mickey Mouse" teapot is also too small for practical use. The country of origin is listed in italics (with the location of acquisition in parentheses).  
  VR Swiss folkart teapot
Swiss folk art teapot
maker's mark
Switzerland (Gstaad, Switzerland)
VR Blue patterned teapot
Blue patterned teapot
Japan (Japanese Pavilion, Epcot , FL)
VR Decorative teapot
Decorative teapot
Droll Designs
US (Tyson's Corner, VA)
  VR Double spout teapot
Double spout teapot
Marked Hall China #3232
US (Williamsburg, VA)
VR Brown teapot
Brown teapot
Origin unknown
VR Fluted teapot
Fluted teapot
Charlotte China
England (Alexandria, VA)
  VR Microwave teapot
Microwave teapot
Hole in center for even heating
VR "Mickey Mouse" teapot
"Mickey Mouse" teapot
Cardew Design Collection
England (US)
VR Glass teapot sculpture
Glass teapot sculpture
US (Lancaster, PA)
  VR Japanese cast iron teapot
Cast iron teapot with Dragonfly motif
Porcelain interior
Japan (Teavana, Tyson's Corner, VA)

Iwachu cast iron teapot
Porcelain interior
Japan (Coupville, WA)

The Jardiniere Collection teapot
Designer: Tracy Porter
Contemporary glass teapot
Manufactured by Bodum
Made in Switzerland (US)

Masterpiece Gallery teapot
Mfr. for Herman Dodge & Son
Made in Thailand (US)
  Fine China Teapots
Fine China
Art and Craft Teapots
Art Pieces, Craft Pottery, YiXing
Iwachu Cast Iron Teapots
Cardew Designs
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