Teapot Collection
  An eclectic variety of teapots collected at craft fairs and shops in the United States, vacation trips to Europe and received as gifts. The collection is organized into the three categories below. Click on an image to view a gallery of thumbnails that link to full screen Object VR animations (you can view 360 degree images interactively).
  QTVR Artwork Craft and Yixing Teapots
Fine China
18 porcelain teapots from around the world, antique and contemporary
QTVR Artwork Craft and Yixing Teapots
Art Pieces, Craft Pottery, YiXing
18 artwork teapots, hand crafted pottery and YiXing teapots from China.
QTVR Eclectic Mix of Teapots
Eclectic Mix
14 teapots from everyday classics to unusual shapes and iron teapots.

Tea Sources
Upton Tea
Special Teas
Teas Etc. Inc.
Harney & Sons
Culinary Teas
Imperial Tea Court
Green Tea Lovers
Loose Leaf Tea
Simpson and Vail
Victoria Teas & Coffee

Tea Books
The New Tea Companion
The Book of Tea
The Story of Tea
The New Tea Book
Tea: Addiction, Exploitation, & Empire
About Tea
Wikipedia Article
Gongfu Tea Preparation
Green Tea Preparation
Temperature Brewing Guide
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